Andalucia Balconie Apartment

We transformed a 40-year-old apartment into a dynamic, modern, illuminated, clearer, and functional space, by redesigning and redistribution of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and social areas. Through renovations, we can extend the lifespan and the quality of this residence, located in front of the ocean, as well as permeate it with the personality and lifestyle of its actual owners.


  • Optimization of spaces, achieving the inclusion of cozy bathrooms in each bedroom, without giving up comfort.
  • The kitchen, social area and furnishing were key players for this vacation apartment renovation, this allowed us to make the most out of the balcony area which has an incredible view and to connect the entire space with its natural surroundings.
  • Colors and materials selection allowed us to give the spaces, amplitude, and minimalistic traits, that combine with the location of the building.

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