The union of people and places

What we do

In Massy Architecture, we develop projects where individuals and their surroundings converge, under the genuine respect for natural resources and the rigorous knowledge of the Colombian construction norm to live calmly.

We have specialized knowledge on Revit, BIM matrix, architectural and environmental acoustic that allows the optimization of projects from different perspectives. Additionally, we have deep dexterity in the study of norms and architectural capacity that will guarantee the best exploitation of the terrain, under the compliance of the Colombian construction normative.

Transparency and honesty are key pillars of all our projects, they are reflected in our open budgets, shared informs, socialization and prompt contingency solutions inside the construction site.

We build methodologies for remote support, to suppress geographical and language barriers with our foreign clients, who look forward to investing and building real estate in Santa Marta and Colombia.

With Diana’s Energy

Diana Calvo is a graduate architect from Los Andes University, in Bogotá, with a master’s degree on architectural and environmental acoustic from Ramón Llull (La Salle) University, in Barcelona. Her energy, dynamism, resolution capacity, interest in the environment, aesthetic sense, and her desire to tailor each one of the designs, encourage her to leave her position inside a big firm and to develop projects as an individual, filling her vision and perception of architecture.

Furthermore, Diana Calvo has a vast knowledge of the norms and capacity studies, which allows her to plan real constructions that follow Colombian construction norms.

Earned experience

During 5 years of operations, in Massy Architecture, we have collected experience in constructions, focused on residential and commercial use, as well as in the hotel sector, also in norms and capacity studies, design, construction and space remodeling. Our projects impact the way of living, promoting a true connection between who we are, where we are and how do we live, a philosophy that we have implemented in the construction of spaces for our final clients as well as service providers for other large construction firms in the country.

Massy’s philosophy

This philosophy comes from the personal vision of our lead architect Diana Calvo Vergara: “Is not about walls and partitions, is about spaces that connect people from their individual traits, with others and their surroundings. This is the reason why I’m so passionate about designing and building spaces for living, respectful of natural resources to preserve housing, spaces that allow a healthy relationship in community and where people can gather kind experiences, according to their unique lifestyle”.                  

Recognizing our work

“The project we built with Massy has been one of the cleanest that I have done in my life. That says a lot about the good quality of their work”
Jorge Báez
Architect, Homeglass&co.
"Massy gave us a lot of support in drawing up the plans and generating innovative but environmentally responsible ideas. Her support was very valuable and she always accompanied us at every step"
Paula Benitez
Client Mendihuaca Hostel
It was an excellent lesson of construction, focused on perfection. Working in this beautiful and well-developed project, where the main instruction was always the quality in details”
Juan Felipe Dávila
National sales director, Homeglass&co.

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