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Integral projects that reflects
your lifestyle


We enclose all the stages that surrounding the construction, starting from the study and understanding of the applicable norms up to the last details such as the design and furnishing of the spaces.


Our designs are completely true to the unique forms of personality and ways of living, therefore they are all unrepeated and specific.


We manage professional and efficient construction processes to make the projects and dreams come to life.


Our operative capacity allows us to develop architectural projects all over the country.

Outstanding Project in Santa Marta

Our last architecture project can be seen as a synchronism of materials, forms, and topcoats in the exotic and native beaches of Palomino, located in La guajira, Colombia. This vacation residence possesses amenities and technology that prove our skill to fuse culture and housing necessities for a European client, with the exaltation and respect for nature and the Caribbean lifestyle that the region has to offer.

Quality and efficiency
are non-negotiable

During the different architectural stages, whether it is with individuals or companies, we make our best effort to greatly reduce worries and uncertainty during the construction process. Our top priority is to respect and take care of your time and budget across our five services. They can be acquired as a whole or individual, according to your necessities:

Our experience

During 5 years of operations, in Massy Architecture, we have collected experience in constructions, focused on residential and commercial use, as well as in the hotel sector, also in norms and capacity studies, design, construction and space remodeling. Our projects impact the way of living, promoting a true connection between who we are, where we are and how do we live, a philosophy that we have implemented in the construction of spaces for our final clients as well as service providers for other large construction firms in the country.

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